Hello world! Im Free…

A classic start to something new on the web…Free as in not constrained as web pages on a temporary server. Free as in I have donated my time to create this site for the benefit of all who want to see whats “In Hinton”. And best of all Free as in FREE to use.

The idea behind this site is that hopefully this place can become your go to place for anything “In Hinton” related.

A place for community events so its easy to find out whats happening tonight, tomorrow, next weekend ..“In Hinton”

A place to see what sort of businesses are…“In Hinton”.

Maybe it a site for…where to stay or camp “In Hinton”, what restaurants are “In Hinton”, but most of all it should be a site about whats great about being “In Hinton”.

And now its your turn

It is up to you to use this site and add your events, and places. It is up to you to provide positive feedback and suggestions. There are no employees to monitor and manage this site, or to enter data to make this work. Hopefully with what is here, it will be easy enough for you to enter in what you need to do. Events will require initial approval to maintain the integrity of the site, but when I can figure out how to assign membership roles it will get easier too

I would like to acknowledge the following people who had an impact on the road that lead to the path of creating “In Hinton”.

Councillor Dewly Nelson for being inspired about promoting Hinton

Mayor Marcel Michaels who planted the seeds..

–Logic Control the finest Instrumentation and electrical company in town for sponsoring and supporting this site. 🙂

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